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studio_ninja's Journal
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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
11:58 pm
Sailor Mamushi...
Kaidoh - Moon
Ryoma - ChibiMoon
Kiku - Mercury
Oishi - Mars
Kawa - Jupiter
Momo - Venus
Kamio - Pluto
Shinji - Saturn
Tezuka - Uranus
Fuji - Neptune
Inui - Tuxedo Mask

Story!Collapse )

o_o t3h long to type out..

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
1:54 am
We need to start working on out PoT doujin yo ^^;;; Sena reminded me just on Tuesday that we don't have much time left if we're trying to get it out by Cosfesta 2004 in June/July. So basically now what we need to do is

1) All of us meet up for one entire day, sit in some coffee place and thrash out the entire storylines for all the different parts in the doujin, including doing full storyboards and everything.
2) Once above has been done, I will start with the pencilling. I have to warn everyone that I bloody can't draw inanimate objects or backgrounds! Taihen! Shimatta! Rhythm ni noru ze! *is thwapped by Kamio*
3) Pencilling done, Ka, Sena and me will each work on a bit of the inking. Then scan, add in the backgrounds and shadings and then place them properly for printing.
4) I'm working on several posters for sale also, you guys have seen the Seigaku one and there's the Hyotei and Fudoumine in the works. Damn, I really have to go find that goddamn scanner. Maybe get my dad to buy an A3 one instead? *muse*
5) Need doujin cover design, plus title page art for each individual portion of doujin.

All said and done... I'm good at planning, but executing? NAH!

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004
11:22 am
"Minna san, tanoshinderu?"

This is going to be Studio Ninja's goal! We will work towards this, die die must succeed!

Minna san, ganbare yo!
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
12:55 am
I had a brilliant idea just now.

Doujin called "CrackPoT" seems more... PoTty xD

*baps Dabide*

Dabide: Itetete! Nan da yo!!!!
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
3:50 pm
Inui Buchou da...
Studio Ninja's first project to be released by the end of the year is a Prince of Tennis works collection series called "Crack Down"

Volume 1 would include the following:
1. Seigaku Senshi 01 "Sailor Mamushi - 参見!"
2. Prince of Tennis Ochibi! 01 "青春Kindergarten"
3. 1-2 Fanfics
4. 8 4-koma strips, 2 per page
Sunday, January 25th, 2004
12:28 am
My little contribution here...
I don't write fanfiction for anything, much less POT, but must write down fic ideas for minna-san... nah, so you guys can laugh at it and maybe actually write the ficcy...

1. Seigaku cramped into the back of a small van (like Babemobile) and then the car is going down a round ramp like Harbourfront resulting in lots of "Ahh!!" and flying-to-the-other-side-of-the-van and squashing-people and comprosmising-positions. Enough said.

2. Seigaku, or select members of Seigaku, or different groups of Seigaku all trapped in a lift (because the lift not big enough to hold all of them deshou?). In the dark. Kiku starts bouncing around and pressing any button at sight. Inui's glasses/juice mysteriously gives off a glow. Kawamura attempts to "moeru BARNING" to try and open the lift doors but realises he needs both hands to do so. You get the idea.

3. Seigaku members' reactions to coffee... or high intensity caffiene drinks... A.K.A. Seigaku goes to Starbucks. I can just imagine Kiku bouncing off the walls already.

4. Since we're already doing so for the POT day outing, someone could probably write Seigaku goes karaoke-ing... Tezuka choosing Gackt songs and very possibly passes himself off as Gackt... Kiku choosing... the most hyper pop girl group and amazingly manages to sing the super high-pitched super fast lyrics... Inui... I don't know, suddenly professes a fetish love for... Super Eurobeat and sings something from Initial D... Fuji doing a marvellous "You Got Game" from the hit series Prince of Tennis and everyone is left wondering why that song is so familiar... and so on and so forth.
Friday, January 23rd, 2004
1:38 am
The promised angst (and more possible crack - not definite because I haven't fully developed it yet)
I started this post quite a lot earlier but several things happened.... my earlier post would have mentioned that my muse was dead, I'm really tired and I have no idea whether anything I sprouted now would be a good idea because I was just tossing out good and bad at the same time...

Then I tried starting this post again and in that post it would have mentioned the revival of my muses (in the shower once again... which makes me think that I should seriously consider getting a waterproof laptop if that's possible, either that or shifting my computer into the toilet because it's a really inspiring venue) and that I am still tired but now I'm a little bit high and that Ryoma seems to have wandered into my head as well but I'm not sure whether he's staying...

And now it's 1224h and I haven't started this post yet though I opened this window at about 9 something and I am getting really sleepy and tired which probably means that Ryoma's fic isn't getting written, and neither is Tezuka's (*ducks the razor glares both are throwing at me*) It also means that I won't have much time to talk about my ideas but I'll try.

And it's now 111h and I'm trying to finish this post since I've *Finally* managed to clear LJ or some bits of it... damn... too many people write too much and update too fast... O.o Anyhow moving on otherwise this will *never* get done

1) Tezuka angst

My idea is a photo montage around this thing. Basically many pretty pictures with no words *smile* Story is Tezuka injures both his arms and can't play tennis anymore. I know what the pictures look like (in my head at least) and basically it captures snapshots of what happens when he finds out and after that. He leaves Seigaku and goes to another school and basically tries to forget the whole thing. Ignores letters from the team etc. Eventually though, he comes to terms with it and goes back to Seigaku to rejoin as the tennis coach. He meets Ryoma who's sending his kiddy to school (And yes people, this is where the crack came from *grin* and it's also inspired by my wish to see a grown up Ryoma dammit! *mutter mutter*)

2) There is also going to be a Yuuta and Horio fic... (not in that way slashers!) but just because the idea developed itself in my head and I like it *nods determinedly* don't try and stop me...

3) Random thought for Chibis in space just because I read beckymarie's review and was amused by the idea of comparing it to Muppets in Space *grin* but for the moment it's jus the title that amuses me.... not so sure about actual story... O.o

Other random notes, idea popped of crack Initial D fic which I don't think I'll ever write since the siren call is not as strong... O.o for the moment anyhow... still just for my own FYICollapse ).

Oishi's 9 kids were just *heh* a spark of an idea that took off... I like the idea of Mummy being a *koff* manly man... and actually Tash, it's three pairs of twins in kazoku... O.o The order's hereCollapse )

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
4:26 pm
crack! after a phone convo with yen.
here i was, calling oneesama to ask about this idea she sms'ed me with, resulting in her talking about some ideas she had. this pretty serious idea, for some strange reason, turned into total crack after a while.

the funny thing is, i'm posting the crack, and she's going to post the angst. (talk about a turnaround of things.) moving along...

PoT and their kids:
If we follow oneesama's angst-picture idea, then Tezuka is now coach of the Seigaku tennis club. the regualrs bring their kids back to Seigaku...and chaos ensues.

the kids:
1) Tezuka has a son, looks, acts, pretty much like his dad. same skill in tennis.
2) Fuji has a daughter, same Fuji-evilness. (therefore gets along VERY well with her dad.) obviously pretty, with Fuji's genes. (if you want, you can fit the red dress in somewhere. XD)
3) Inui has a daughter, exceptionally bishoujo. gorgeous eyes; when asked, her mum says she got her eyes from her dad Mr. Data-collector. however, when asked to read something, the little girl takes out a pair of specs, puts them on, and turns into an exact Inui look-a-like save for hairstyle.
4) Kawamura has a girl; exactly like dad - give her a tennis racket and she is baaningu!. think Lina Inverse type, though, when she is baaningu!
5) Kikumaru has a pair of fraternal twins, as bouncy as the dad - who bounces around with them. says, "hoi hoi!" for dad when he wants to say, "nanjaro hoi hoi!"
6) Momo has a son, looking like Momo in the chibi eps. gets excited over going for a hamburger the same way his father would - in fact they do it together - and the regulars wonder if that isn't Momo's clone instead.
7) Kaidoh has a girl with the same affection for animals her dad has. adorable when she pouts.
8) Ryoma has a daughter, small, chibi, shorter than Ryoma was at her age, and happily beats all the second-years in tennis the day she enters Seigaku. spouts "Mada mada da ne" like her dad would.

(and the killer #_#)
9) Oishi has nine *cough* kids. mummy of Seigaku missed the team so much had had kids to make up for it.
- eldest, daughter, acts like buchou-sama;
- second son his spitting image, mothers everyone of his siblings;
- third daughter found a kindred spirit in Fuji's daughter and ran off plotting to chat;
- fourth, twin to third, daughter is cheeky thing on whom you can almost see swishing tail and cat-ears;
- fifth son is has a thing for sprouting english words in his daily speech;
- sixth son goes around collecting odd bits of information, and you soon see the signs of more notebooks;
- seventh daughter is strong and has a rather rash nature;
- eighth, twin to seventh, daughter, has been wailing for a pet snake and full colletion of bandanas;
- ninth is this adorable baby that is the chibi in the family and excessively doted on by everyone, though not without some sibling jealousy for being the youngest, a little tot with a baseball cap.

supposedly a reunion of sorts for the regulars, who bring their kids (don't ask me where the mothers are O_o;). Tezuka, being Tezuka, arrives first, second being Ryoma with his kid, and Tezuka's son and Ryoma's daughter get into a match on the courts. their 2 fathers are looking on, and you feel thin, "don't you dare lose" aura from both dads. Momo's son teases Kawamura's daughter who just gives a silly grin - until Fuji's daughter hands Kawamura's daughter a racket, and she goes, "baaningu!!!" and begins to chase Momo's son all over the grounds. Kikumaru's twins decide to start collecting bets for who'd win the tennis match, and involving their dads in the process. all this betting goes on for a while, until Inui speaks up. "there is a 99.999% chance..."

people look at him, half-holding their breaths and anticipating and answer.

"...that this will end in a draw."

massive pouting from Kikumaru and kids, the Fuji's smile it off, etc. meanwhile (Momo's son still being chased by a baaningu! Kawamura's daughter) Kaidoh and daughter are somewhere else, squatting next to each other, facing Karupin and his kittens. "Hora. Hora hora. Hora."

Inui's bishoujo daughter is asked by one of Kiku's chibi's to read something...and out come the massive specs. general sweatdropping from the adults (the regulars) present.

when they finally begin to start eating, the match is still going on, the 2 dads still looking at the match on the courts. again, general sweatdropping. some lines of conversation, "Oh, still playing? What's the score now? 55-54? Inui you didn't do anything to the juice, did you?"

then Oishi comes in. people greet, Oishi apologizes, "Sorry, had to gather my kids..." and then kids follow in.

jaws drop, massive sweatdropping by regulars.


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1:17 am
Other Random Ideas
Horrible week. Hate work. *cross fingers for a happy chinese new year* Anyhowz, will be using this place as a random notebook for ideas and concepts that strike me if that's okay with everyone? *smile* no one has to work on it but if anything sounds interesting *shrug* give me a holler... incidentally most of the ideas are for PoT if you haven't gathered *hee* I may toss up a few other ideas here and there from other series but I'll work on PoT first because of the potential doujin *smile*

1) PoT at a funeral

Really, really *vague* idea I had of one of them standing at a grave and slowly all the team gathers to pay their respects. You're not sure who is the deceased until the last person turns up... however... I'm still tossing this idea around. I like the concept but... O.o... difficult to execute *heh*

2) PoT at a wedding

And somehow it just linked to this idea... which is also the same thing of no idea who the lucky man is *Grin* slightly more my style with everyone going nuts at the wedding *Sweatdrop* but still just a random idea...

3) PoT rockband (*grin* just a picture in my mind but I think way too cliche and it's been done before)

4) PoT exchanging bodies - inspired from Kikumaru-buchou *Sweatdrop*, either that or someone turning into a kid and everyone having to take care of them... *chuckle* suddenly had this sudden image of all the third years turning into kids and Ryoma, Momo and Kaidoh having to take care of them... O.o...

5) Doubles match which turns into singles - a short fic idea from long ago where Nanjiroh and Ryoma end up at the street tennis courts because the temple court is under maintenance. They run into Tezuka and Fuji and the four somehow end up playing doubles - which turns into singles with the court carved into four sections with each player violently defending their turf.

6) Another idea from long ago with Fuji and Ryoma trying to continue their match without much success i.e. something keeps interrupting... this strikes me as workable for a four story kouma actually (if I'm guessing what it is rightly)

7) PoT fairytales

Am suddenly very inclined to reworking the fairytales with PoT in them *laugh* as I think some of you guys know. Two of the ideas in my head so far are Rumplestiltskin and Sleeping Beauty (Pot-erella doesn't count because I already have the whole story out so it's no longer a random idea)

8) Just a picture of the PoT cast sick *heh* A picture in my brain with all of them in the sick room down with the flu or something like that. I already have the background in my head i.e. they were all on a training camp when a storm suddenly blew in while they were running laps. However, because initially it had been mentioned that anyone who gave up had to drink Inui juice all had persevered which meant that *all* fell sick... *sweatdrop* I was going to write just a short piece on how each of them react when sick but... *heh* hard to write too because of the point of the story - which is more descriptive... O.o

9) PoT and the stolen Inui drink (Actually this isn't so much of a random idea as a story in cryogenic freezing... *sweatdrop* I have parts of it written out and I know exactly what happens. The only problem is that it may not fit the short story so much because I think it's been pretty developed already... O.o)

Oh and have a random saiyuki thing-ey around which I don't think you guys have seen before.... but I'm not sure whether to post it. *muse* Let's see... that's quite a bit isn't it... *Sweatdrop* and this is only a few Seigaku ideas tossed around. I have some for the other teams too *grin* like for Mizuki and Kirihara but that's short and pointless *hehe* May just be a short drabble...

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
1:07 am
Hoi hoi~!
Ya ho~! This is Kikumaru buchou speaking! =333 *shifts spectacles* lol

So anyway, just an update on the current projects that [Studio Ninja]. We're just going to throw our main outlines and ideas here and everyone is invited to contribute, be it ideas or changes or whatever!

We really should give names to our projects ^^; And I apologise for our fixation with Sailormoon LOL

PoT Theme Collection
1. Seigaku Senshi (long running project)
2. 1-2 other Short stories
3. A chibi section
4. A wrongness 4-koma section
5. A fanfiction section with illustrated covers and inserts
*What we have slated for this year is "PoT-erella" for one of the short stories and "Kindergarten Seigaku" for the chibi section.

Harry Potter Theme Collection
1. Sailor Moony (long running project)
2. Any other short story doujins
3. 4-koma?
*Completion of at least 12 pages of Sailor Moony... *sweat*

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